Scope of activities

    •    Set up and implement programs, infrastructure for investment projects and export processing zones, industrial parks and residence areas, new urban areas in Ho Chi Minh City and the other provinces.
    •    Provide all concerned services for export processing zones, Industrial parks.
    •    Freight Port operation and the other concerned services (such as sea agency, ship agent, stevedore, shipping).
    •    Financial investment.

    IPC’s orbit has operated specifically for investment, infrastructure of processing zones and industrial zones, urban areas, sea flow and deep-water ports. Our resources are creative ideas and economical visions, using grey matter ability…. Then combine scientific researches with real experiences, make ideas become potential projects. Thereby, IPC has been becoming an efficacious mean of Government to create a potential market that has been able to attract to both of domestic and foreign economic unit to come for business and develop local economy. We always set social and economic benefits as a main target while progressing projects, taking part in the general economic development of Ho Chi Minh and particularly the Southern part.