Founded: 2007
Charter Capital: VND 300 Billion
IPC owns 60.8% of Charter Capital

It is located in Nha be District, 20km from HCMC downtown to the south, and 25km from HCMC gate to the East Sea.

Its total planned area is 2,000 hectares that is to be developed in three stages:

  1. The first stage: 332 hectares have been well completed and 89 investors have built their factories here with total investment of VND5,208 billion and US$391 million (not including the project to build the container terminal).
  2. Road network: Hiep Phuoc IP is located in the north-south axis connecting Hiep Phuoc and the inner city. After its completion, the Phu My Bridge will connect the Nguyen Van Linh highway and District 2 constituting a ring road for HCMC linking with the Cuu Long Delta and the Eastern South.
  3. Waterway: Hiep Phuoc IP is by the Soai Rap River which will be the largest and shortest passage for vessels of 50,000-70,000DWT going from the East Sea to the Hiep Phuoc IP port, and from which to the Mekong Delta by the Vam Co River and various canals, or to other IPs in the Eastern South by the Saigon and Dong Nai Rivers, thereby reducing the distance of delivery, facilitating exchange of commodities, and saving time and cost.

Hamlet 1, Long Thoi Commune, Nha Be District, HCMC

Tel: (848) 3780 0345  -  3780 0350
Fax: (848) 3780 0341
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