Activities to celebrate 107th anniversary of International Women’s day 8/3


On the 107th anniversary of International Woman’s day 8/3, Labor unions board of Tan Thuan Industrial Promoted Company (IPC) celebrated the meeting in order to honor the female employees for their great contributions in changing, developing to the company and simply to review glorious tradition of women.

At the comfort, warm but sincere atmosphere event, Mr. Te Tri Dung General Director of IPC shared, conveyed the sentiment and gave flower, meaningful presents to the women.

General Director – Mr. Te Tri Dung gave wishes speech to female employees

Pictures of giving present for female employees


In the framework of the program, the organizers held the “cooking contest IPC 2017” attracted the exciting participation of male employees -  Under the skillful hand of enthusiastic male employees, the abundance of delicious dishes were careful preparation, meticulous cooking,  great food presentation.

Dishes preparations of teams

Team pictures which were all ready for the jury judging

Team 4 won the 1st prize with the speciality “Swan on lake”

Meaningful Event on 8/3 aimed at encouraging as well as creating motives for female employees to engage more energetically, creativity in working and contribute their great effort on prosperity developing of IPC.